Saturday, 5 May 2012

Inspiration for returning some colour into your world

Not having much energy or suffering from chronic pain can be depressing but I have found some days just painting some nails gives me both, a boost, and an opportunity to be creative at the same time without having to outlay much money. So I've decided this blog will showcase some of my nail 'art'. I created these looks a while ago and found using the same type of polish, ie: matte or metallic, gave the best results.

A 'fiesta' in pinks and corals

Colour pop
Pink ribbon tribute
Each of these designs were painted with predominantly cheap nail polishes(under $3 a bottle)...there's no reason why you can't add some colour or novelty into your day (or week) with the help of affordable polishes! Just remember that using polish with the same 'finish' - metallic, matte etc can work better as a whole and tie various colours together more smoothly or while adding a colour in the top/last layer.

For the 'fiesta' and 'colour pop' looks I painted each nail in one colour (generally with two coats for opaqueness)
Once they were dry I painted a strip over the bottom or middle, also in two coats.
After each nail had dried I then used a top coat to both seal the colours and also fill in some of the uneveness on some of the nails.

I know using tape or stickers to mask areas is a useful tool when using multiple colours, and although I have yet to try it myself, there's no reason why you couldn't use that technique here to great effect.

For the 'pink ribbon tribute' look I used a red as the base coat then used some glitter polish on the very top of the thumb, ring finger and index finger nails to create a half-moon effect.
I then painted the whole of my little finger and middle finger nails with one coat of the glitter polish.
Once that was dry on my middle finger I used a hot metallic pink to paint a ribbon for breast cancer awareness and then a final clear top coat to protect the artwork.

Remember to be sure to always use a clear base coat to prevent yellowing of your nails before using nail colour and then always use a top coat for protecting your finished artwork so it should keep for at least 4-5 days.

I hope these examples have provided some inspiration for adding more colour into your life.
Scarves are another favourite item of mine for adding some colour but I'll leave that to another day:)
Have fun!

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