Sunday, 8 July 2012

Recent nail purchases & great effects

Since I last posted I've picked up some new polishes, a BYS Glitter and 
Super-fast Drying Topcoat by Poshe.
  The beautiful Glam Glitter polish by BYS is in 'Dazzling', a gorgeous
emerald green glitter with small and medium circles of glitter that in different
light change from silver through green to orange and blue with larger emerald
green hexagons that change from green to silver.

I tried to catch all the colours in the photos but am not sure if I succeeded, so apologies!  Dazzling by itself was quite pretty with a pale green opalescent effect but the nail line bothered me so next time I will try it over a nude or white to avoid that.

On my thumb is 'Dazzling', two coats with a base and top coat of 'Poshe',on my index finger 'Dazzling' is layered over two coats of 'Jade' by Ulta3, and I have 'Jade' on the rest of my nails.
As you can see there was some tip wear by the time I took these. It was my first use of 'Poshe'Super Fast Drying topcoat which was amazing at speeding up drying time and smoothing out any bumps or lumps of glitter but it did seem to wear quickly on my nail tips.

All in all I was really quite happy with the results of 'Dazzling' and can't believe I didn't use something like 'Poshe' sooner! I'd love to hear your opinions! Are you familiar with BYS and Poshe products?

K x


  1. Gorgeous shades! I do have a couple of BYS polishes but not too many. The only thing I hate about glitter polishes is how hard it can be to remove!

    I LOVE the Poshe topcoat, it's my HG topcoat. :) Try to 'wrap' your nails by extending the topcoat over the tip of your nail when you paint it and you won't have problems with wearing or shrinkage at the tips.

  2. Thanks so much for your advice using Poshe, I really appreciate it:)

    Surprisingly this didn't seem so difficult to remove with cotton balls and nail polish remover..I've had more problems with other glitter polishes in the past.


  3. Where did you get the Poshe topcoat from? I have never heard of that brand before.

    Love the BYS dazzling polish! mmm sparkley...

    1. Thankyou Abigail:) Yes this is pretty special.
      I found Poshe on I've always had great customer service with them, everything is always packaged nicely and comes with a couple of quality samples and a mini chocolate bar treat!