Monday, 9 July 2012

Chanel inspired

A few days ago I came across a pretty nail art/mani design on the fantastic blog, 'Pampered & Polished'. Follow this link to see the lovely manicure created by Chanel's Creative Director, Peter Phillips.

I recreated this look with a silver and deep red which I quite like for a more subdued, cooler season manicure. I decided to use 'Pedal To The Metal' by Sally Hansen with 'Black Plum' by Ulta3.

 I painted two coats of the silver on each of my nails over a base coat and once this was dry also painted two coats of the deep red inside the silver, leaving a few millimitres of a silver border except on the nail tip. This was actually more difficult than I expected and you will see some unsteady lines on some nails :) I then painted each nail with 'Poshe' to speed up the drying process and protect the design.

This mani was fun, if a little tricky, to do and next time I think I may try to leave more of a border around my nail to create more of a 'framed' look.

I love meeting other beauty lovers through beauty sites and blogs, learning and sharing tips. 
The Made Up Maiden very kindly shared her knowledge using Poshe topcoat after I mentioned I'd had some issues with tip wear on my previous blog. Thankyou, The Made Up Maiden, I now know to 'wrap' the topcoat around the tips of my nails to protect my manicure!

Where do you find inspiration for your manicures/nail art?



  1. Lovely job, I think I just fell in love with black plum...and you're very welcome. :)

    The Poshe topcoat is my HG topcoat!


  2. Thankyou MM :)Yes Black Plum is sooo pretty and Poshe is just wonderful!